7 Quick Facts about Face Creams That You Didn’t Know About

Face creams or moisturizers are a few of the best skincare products that can keep your skin glowing, young and smooth. So in your skincare, you must always include a face cream, aside from cleansing and washing your face, in your daily routine. Harsh weather conditions, pollution and stress can leave your skin looking and feeling dry, but a moisturizer can smooth and make it look fair. Check out the following for anti aging cream facts you must know.

Face Cream Facts

  1. You must be wearing one containing SPF every day, even during cloudy days, when the sun’s harmful UV rays are just hiding behind those clouds. Thus, you must be using a facial cream with SPF in any weather. Otherwise, your skin will suffer from sun damage, including the dreaded wrinkles and fine lines.  Choose and use a cream with SPF15 or above.
  2. A face wrinkle cream helps in reducing wrinkles. As you age, your skin is losing moisture, paving way for saggy and dry skin, which then results to wrinkle development. Thus, using a moisturizer is important, as it locks in moisture and attracts water in the skin.
  3. Not any type of moisturizer will work for your skin. There are many moisturizers on the market but not all of them will work on you – as individuals have different skin types.  So if you have sensitive skin, stay away from products loaded with fragrance because they can irritate your skin. Then, if you have oily skin, keep yourself out of those with added ingredients and oils, which can clog your pores.
  4. Learn when to change. Even if you’re using a particular wrinkle cream for many years, it does not mean you should be loyal to it and use it all-year long. For example, you must use a lighter formulation during summer to avoid clogging your pores and suffering from acne.
  5. Always check the label of the cream you’re buying. For example, soy compounds and vitamin C work well in improving skin elasticity and stimulating collagen production. Thus, you should know how certain ingredients work so that you can get the most benefits out of them depending on the skin problem you want to address. For example, if you want to keep that skin glow, you can make use of an anti aging cream or oil that can leave it glowing.
  6. Do not skip the serum because it also moisturizes your skin, preventing it from losing moisture. It also helps in replenishing lost moisture.
  7. Don’t forget applying moisturizer at night. Some women think that applying it is only for daytime, but that shouldn’t be the case. You must apply it even at night to retain moisture and draw water in skin while you’re sleeping and your skin is in the resting and repairing mode.

Learning of these facts about a face cream, like a Dr Oz cream, is essential to keep you informed on the importance of applying it as well as selecting the products that will work for you.  Check out more about skin cream facts you should know.

Rex Melville MBBS FRCP is an experienced Genito-Urinary (Sexual Health) Physician, and is delighted to be a new member of the London Dermatology CentreTM team.He is fully accredited with the GMC, having graduated with Honours as MBBS from Monash University (Australia), and gained Fellowship of the Australasian chapter of Sexual Health Medicine. After arrival in the UK, in 1994 he took up the post of Lead Consultant Physician in Sexual Health and HIV at Whipps Cross Hospital, London, where he continues to work.
Rex will offer patients high quality consultations, testing and treatments for a wide variety of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). He also has experience in advising those with various sexual concerns and symptoms, whether they have erectile difficulties, skin problems affecting the genitals or chronic pain or discharge. And of course confidentiality is assured. He is also highly qualified to fully manage HIV infection, and offer testing for this and other infections such as Hepatitis B.

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