How Poor Sleep Affects Skin Beauty

The body’s repair and restorative processes take place during your beauty sleep. For many years, you have probably heard and have read about guides detailing how to get enough sleep and why it’s important for flawless skin.  In the following, learn why sleeping enough is a great way to keep your skin at its peak health.

Adequate Sleep as Anti Aging

  1. With lack of sleep, you’re depriving not only your body and brain with nourishment but also your skin. Did you know that sleep is a skin food? So aside from consistently getting rid of makeup and applying aging cream before bed, you must get enough sleep to get rid of the toxins in your body, brain and skin. And with enough sleep, you will get proper skin nourishment to make you feeling refreshed in the next morning.
  2. Getting enough sleep balances your skin. With lack of it, your skin will suffer from breakouts, dehydrated and tired complexion and redness in the morning. So inadequate sleep does not only affect your brain and body but also your skin, which suffers from poor moisturization and lowered pH levels, giving it that less glowing and older look.  [When your skin’s pH level declines, an imbalance happens, making it drier than before.  Lack of sleep and imbalance in pH levels also lead to uneven skin tone and breakouts.
  3. Do you notice those dark circles around and under your eyes when you didn’t have enough sleep the last night? That happens because of poor cell regeneration that should have happened at skin level while you’re sleeping. To fix and prevent this problem from happening, you must keep everything in balance – so as to make your system work, as it should be – and to reduce purple shadows or dark circles under your eyes the next morning.
  4. One of the reasons for lack of sleep that affects your skin is staying up late due to browsing online or using your mobile device for long hours in the night when you’re supposed to be sleeping. In that case, you skin looks tired in the morning. So no matter the best skin creams you’re using, they might not work effectively if you’re not getting enough sleep at night. [Did you know that the blue light, which mimics the sun’s rays coming from your device, keeps your system stimulated and your circadian rhythm bothered? Blue light emitted by your mobile device keeps you awake because it affects melatonin levels.]
  5. Inadequate sleep leads to less beauty because it affects hydration, which is supposed to be being rebalanced while you’re sleeping. When sleeping, your skin is trying to recover moisture and then flush out excess water. Thus, water imbalance will happen if you don’t get enough Zzzz, leading to a dull, dry skin appearance.

Get Enough Sleep and Make Your Face Cream Work

To get the most out of your skincare products, see to it that you’re getting enough sleep for the rebalancing, repairing and restoring processes to take place precisely. Definitely, adequate sleep is one of the best things that you can do for taking care of your skin, so sleep well.

Rex Melville MBBS FRCP is an experienced Genito-Urinary (Sexual Health) Physician, and is delighted to be a new member of the London Dermatology CentreTM team.He is fully accredited with the GMC, having graduated with Honours as MBBS from Monash University (Australia), and gained Fellowship of the Australasian chapter of Sexual Health Medicine. After arrival in the UK, in 1994 he took up the post of Lead Consultant Physician in Sexual Health and HIV at Whipps Cross Hospital, London, where he continues to work.
Rex will offer patients high quality consultations, testing and treatments for a wide variety of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). He also has experience in advising those with various sexual concerns and symptoms, whether they have erectile difficulties, skin problems affecting the genitals or chronic pain or discharge. And of course confidentiality is assured. He is also highly qualified to fully manage HIV infection, and offer testing for this and other infections such as Hepatitis B.

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