How to Get Rid of Belly Fat in Two Ways

Do you want to burn belly fat ? This type of fat is one of the hardest to get rid of. What is belly fat? You can get its measurement by measuring the circumference around your waist using a tape measure.  Before you can lose weight fast, you should know that it is considered abdominal obesity to measure 35 inches for women and 40 inches in men around the waist.  And if you are in the same boat as others when it comes to dealing with belly fat, then check out the following tips that could help you get rid of them faster.

Fast Diet Tips vs. Belly Fat

Skip sugar-sweetened drinks and eating sugar.  Remember that added sugar is unhealthy. It does not only make you gain weight, but it also increases your risk to diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure. Additionally, sugar is actually 50% fructose and 50% glucose; the former can only be metabolized by the liver.  It has negative impact on your metabolic health.  And if you consume too much of refined sugar, you are overloading your liver with fructose. As a result, your liver is forced to convert excessive sugar into fat—accumulated in your belly.

And about liquid sugars, they are actually even worse because they aren’t recognized by the brain the same way that it does on solid sources. What happens then is that you are eating more calories, only that you are drinking them.  Based on several studies, sweet drinks are associated to 60% relatively increased risk to developing child obesity.

For fast weight loss, you should skip sugar in your diet and eliminating artificial sugars totally. Some of these include sports drinks and sweetened beverages. You should remember that none of these sources is whole fruits. Instead, you should consume whole fruits that are not only healthy but also fiber-rich to help you speed up weight loss and help you lessen the effect of fructose in your body.

Consume more protein to get rid of belly fat, aside from taking diet pills

It is a great long-term weight management technique to include more protein in your diet.  When it comes to weight loss, protein is considered as one of the most important macronutrients for you.   Based on studies, it helps in reducing cravings by up to 60%; thus, you can prevent frequent hunger spikes and cravings for sweets or salty food. Additionally, protein also accelerates metabolism by up to 100 calories daily, reducing your overall caloric intake by up to 441 fewer calories.

So aside from weight loss supplements like garcinia cambogia, you shouldn’t ignore protein. By far, protein is one of the most important of all macronutrients you need for weight loss and muscle building. Protein also helps in preventing you from regaining weight if you have ever considered abandoning your weight loss program.  Research also suggests that protein is one of the most potent nutrients when it comes to dealing with belly fat, aside from supplements like garcinia.

Follow these two important tips in losing stubborn and annoying belly fat that does not seem to leave you alone. Get started in your weight loss journey today!

Rex Melville MBBS FRCP is an experienced Genito-Urinary (Sexual Health) Physician, and is delighted to be a new member of the London Dermatology CentreTM team.He is fully accredited with the GMC, having graduated with Honours as MBBS from Monash University (Australia), and gained Fellowship of the Australasian chapter of Sexual Health Medicine. After arrival in the UK, in 1994 he took up the post of Lead Consultant Physician in Sexual Health and HIV at Whipps Cross Hospital, London, where he continues to work.
Rex will offer patients high quality consultations, testing and treatments for a wide variety of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). He also has experience in advising those with various sexual concerns and symptoms, whether they have erectile difficulties, skin problems affecting the genitals or chronic pain or discharge. And of course confidentiality is assured. He is also highly qualified to fully manage HIV infection, and offer testing for this and other infections such as Hepatitis B.

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