What Makes A Good Diet Plan

Are you planning to shed a few pounds off your current weight because you no longer appreciate what you see in the mirror? Or do you just want to make a much-needed lifestyle change and achieve a healthier version of yourself? Well, no matter the reason for your decision to diet, it is very important to plan ahead and be able to determine the differences between a good diet plan and a badly constructed one. To help you in your journey to weight loss, here are a few useful tips to consider.


  1. Always Read the Label


Hundreds of commercials and advertisements nowadays promote numerous branded and generic diet pills and weight loss tablets that confuse dieters and make choosing a tedious task. Moreover, there’s also the risk that some pills may not be safe for you because unlike other drugs, they don’t undergo safety testing and they do not require approval from the Food and Drug Administration. That’s why in order to prevent an unnecessary trip to the hospital, be vigilant enough to read the contents found on the label. And most importantly, before you decide to try using weight loss supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia, consult with your doctor first to ensure a safe and worry-free dieting.


  1. Do Not Neglect Healthy Fats


If not all fats are healthy, then it also follows that not all fats are unhealthy. While bad fats such as Trans Fats can put you at risk of a number of diseases, good fats, including Monounsaturated Fats and Polyunsaturated Fats, can improve both your emotional and physical health. They are essential in the body’s healthy function and should be incorporated in your diet plan to burn that excessive belly fat.


  1. Cut Down On Sugar


This one is a no-brainer. Perhaps the biggest and most common problem that most dieters are concerned about is the amount of sugar added in their food and, most often than not, this causes havoc in their sugar-free diet plans. And if you are the type of dieter, who’s not yet concerned about this, then maybe you should start evaluating your life decisions because sugar is a vicious enemy if you want to burn belly fat.


  1. Avoid Processed Food


No matter how many fat burner agents you make use of, it will still not be effective in the end if you keep consuming packaged or processed food. Examples of this are frozen dinners, canned soups and fast food meals. These kinds of food are far from healthy and should be avoided at all cost. Consider checking your local supermarket for much healthier alternatives such as fruits, vegetables, yogurts and salads.


The most important thing to remember when it comes to dieting is that not all diet plans are fit for everybody because not everyone has exactly the same bodily needs. Therefore, if you want the diet plan that is perfectly tailored for you, take into consideration your current physical condition because at the end of the day, it is better to lose weight properly than to lose weight fast.

Rex Melville MBBS FRCP is an experienced Genito-Urinary (Sexual Health) Physician, and is delighted to be a new member of the London Dermatology CentreTM team.He is fully accredited with the GMC, having graduated with Honours as MBBS from Monash University (Australia), and gained Fellowship of the Australasian chapter of Sexual Health Medicine. After arrival in the UK, in 1994 he took up the post of Lead Consultant Physician in Sexual Health and HIV at Whipps Cross Hospital, London, where he continues to work.
Rex will offer patients high quality consultations, testing and treatments for a wide variety of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). He also has experience in advising those with various sexual concerns and symptoms, whether they have erectile difficulties, skin problems affecting the genitals or chronic pain or discharge. And of course confidentiality is assured. He is also highly qualified to fully manage HIV infection, and offer testing for this and other infections such as Hepatitis B.

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